PFAC Interview Questions

Prospective clients often come to us with a scripted set of questions that the Professional Fiduciary Association of California (PFAC) has suggested that they ask us, so that the client can more effectively conduct his or her due diligence in selecting a fiduciary. Please find below a list of those questions and our answers:

What type of services do you provide?

Please see The Role of a Fiduciary: A Primer for the Uninitiated, located under the blog tab of this website.

What credentials do you have?

Please visit the Our Team tab on this website to view our credentials.

Are you insured for errors and omissions?


What are your office and telephone hours?

Our office hours are generally open and staffed from 9-5, Monday – Friday, and we provide a 24/7 answering service.

How long should I expect to wait to receive a response from you to a communication?

If you can’t reach a team member immediately, we make every effort to respond within the next business day. If you do not receive a timely response, we ask that you contact our office and share your email address and telephone number

If there is an emergency after hours, how do I reach you or your staff?

Our 24-7 answering service will notify us. For medical emergencies, please call 9-1-1.

What are your internal controls like? How is my confidential information protected?

Information and data security is of extreme importance to us, and we are always vigilant in ways to improve security. We have a layered security system, monitored by our IT firm 24/7. Our data is backed up daily.

What happens to me if something happens to you? What happens if you are no longer able to be my fiduciary?

We have multiple fiduciaries on our team, and we encourage clients to allow us to have any of our fiduciaries oversee your case. We can work with you and your legal counsel to recommend the best practices for maintaining flexibility, confidence, and continuity in working with our firm.

Do you have a disaster recovery plan for my data?

Yes, our IT firm is constantly working to ensure we can work without interruption.

What fees do you charge and when?

Please see the Fee Schedule tab above for our complete fee schedule.

If you use other professionals (CPA’s, attorney, caregiver, etc) what are their fees?

We work with many professionals whose fees can vary. We are happy to disclose specific fees upon request.

Do you work alone or do you have a staff?

We have a full staff of professionals. Please see the Our Team page on this website.

If you have a staff, what types of services do you delegate to them?

While all staff members are competent to work on and coordinate most aspects of each client’s case, significant decisions are overseen by our fiduciaries.

How often will you provide me with an accounting?

All clients are entitled to a fiduciary accounting once yearly, with more frequent informal accountings available upon request.

Can you provide me with references of past or current clients or other professionals you have worked with who I can contact?

We hold our client references in strict confidence. We will be happy to provide references of our professional colleagues upon request.