Why Fiduciary Care is Necessary and Who Can Benefit

Marchi Smith & Levin (MSL) delivers a unique blend of financial and personal care management for those who cannot oversee their own affairs, such as seniors in cognitive decline and those with special needs who may be impaired. Alternatively, children and other trust beneficiaries may require a neutral and professional trustee. Families may need assistance settling the estate of a deceased loved one.

Individuals and families look to MSL when no family member or friend is available who possesses the required skills and organization to provide effective care for their loved one; when no individuals have time to undertake this role; when a neutral presence is necessary in a conflict-prone situation; or when a professional is needed who understands the fiduciary rules and can marshal the resources for managing financial and/or personal care for a loved one in the Bay Area and in California.

A Reputation for Integrity and Competence

Our clients require customized care and counsel, their adult children need advice and solutions for their parents, and their attorneys need solutions ranging from bill paying to accounting. We take these duties seriously and recognize the immense trust that our clients, families and their advisers place in us. We exercise the highest level of proficiency in understanding and meeting the duties and responsibilities of fiduciaries as required by California law.

No matter the situation, we start with an individualized assessment of client needs and goals to create a thoughtful and transparent financial and personalized care plan which we monitor to maintain an optimal outcome.

Compassion in Action

MSL is committed to the highest levels of dignity and independence for our clients. With deep respect for individual needs, rights, and beliefs, we draw on decades of experience to provide expert fiduciary management coupled with resourceful, ethical care for each and every client.